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Automatic Bagging Machine

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The task of the automatic bagging machine is to automatically place the open-mouth bag at the bag clamping position of the outlet of the packaging machine. The wide application of AWE automatic bagging machine in bulk material packaging enables it to meet the different needs of customers in industrial packaging technology and equipment. Using reliable and simple installation methods, our automatic bagging machine is designed to maximize efficiency and flexibility to meet growing customer needs.

When the AWE automatic bagging machine works, the bag is first sucked up, the bag mouth is opened and sent to the discharge port of the packaging machine to fill the empty bag, and then the filled bag is sent to the sealing equipment and a series of operations.The bagging machine is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemicals, feed , food and other industries. It is usually packed in bags of 10kg-50kg, with a maximum force of 1200 bags/hour.

Main Feature:

1. The automatic bag feeding device is suitable for high-speed continuous operation.

2. Each execution unit is equipped with control and safety devices to realize automatic continuous operation.

3. Servo motor drive device can be used to achieve higher performance.

4. Filling method 1 shot/1 bag filling

5. Packaging materials: granules/powders

6. Bag size: the longest 1000mm, the widest 600mm

7. Sealing method: heat sealing / sewing / hot melt tape / wrinkle tape

8. Its easy to clean and suitable for the conversion of different specifications of packaging bags.

9. The machine is filled and weighed with high precision, and the result is reliable.

10. The application of general and industrial parts prolongs the service life of the machine and adopts the best mechanical production method.

11. The machine is manufactured in compliance with Australian and international standards.

12. Pneumatic and electrical control components are installed in a positive pressure enclosed box to ensure a dust-free environment for the components.

13. The control system is based on the most advanced PLC control interface, ensuring broadband data transmission. The interface is simple to operate, and the operator can easily master all operations.

14. Simple operation. The control panel can ensure the operator to stop, run, retract and release the bag clamp, clamp timer, step input, emergency stop and other operations.

15.This automatic bagging machine can be upgraded to a fully automatic bagging and palletizing system.