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Auger Valve Packer

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DENDY DE-50-AV is a single-mouth or double-mouth spiral valve bag feeding and weighing machine with a built-in material feeder, dedicated to filling dry powder or small particles into the valve bag, such as cement, Binder powder, lime powder, fine sand, PVC particles, polypropylene particles, etc. The machine has two variable speed drives for fast and slow filling on the main screw feeder, and a third slow feeder connected with the vibrating feeder pipeline to ensure the accuracy of the bag weighing.

The DE-50-AV packaging machine weighs the packaging bags and materials when filling materials. The double-station spiral filling system can package material fastly (3-4 bags per minute, generally 20kg per bag), while ensuring high measurement accuracy!


Main Feature:

The surface of carbon steel is sprayed with plastic or made of selected stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to clean

1. The packer uses special weighing sensor technology, to ensure high accuracy

2. It's easy to clean and convenient to replace new products.It can avoid pollution

3. The screw feeding system can package bag quickly and ensure high accuracy. (If you need faster speed, please refer to P.V.P.E pneumatic packaging machine).

4. The control device is easy to operate, once set up once and for all

5. General and industrial components extend the service life of the machine and adopt the best mechanical production method

6. The production of packers is  in compliance with Australian and international standards.

7. Pneumatic and electrical control components are all installed in a positive pressure enclosed box to ensure a dust-free environment for the components

8. The packer adopts Three-stage filling to ensure accurate filling weight.

9. It can be quickly adjusted to fit different bag sizes

10. The core of DE-50-AV is the PLC controller interface. The interface is simple to operate, and the operator can easily master all operations

11. Don't worry about security, because you can protect the operator's access level by adding a password

12. The modular packaging system is flexible in operation and can be used in conjunction with most filling systems and checkweighers.

13. DE-50-AV adopts European top-quality pneumatic and electronic components, such as Festo, Metalwork, Schneider, SMC.