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High-Level Palletizing System

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High-position palletizer is a kind of palletizing equipment, which has the characteristics of fast palletizing speed, relatively high stability, and easy maintenance and maintenance. It is mainly composed of inclined conveyor,bag flattening conveyor,speed accelerating conveyor,servo drive bag turning device with belt conveyor,step-by-step grouping conveyor,row sweeper,stripper plate in two parts,pallet dispenser and pallet chain conveyor,full pallet conveyor ,pallet lifting system,full pallet blocking conveyor,etc.


Inclined Conveyer

Inclined conveyor is a kind of belt conveyor.After the material is conveyed to the inclined conveyor by the transition conveyor, it is conveyed from the inclined  conveyor to the palletizer turning unit to complete the waiting work of indexing.


Servo Drive Bag Turning Unit

When the packaging bag reaches the indexing conveyor, the photoelectric switch will detect it. At this time, the two bag clamping plates on the indexing mechanism are controlled by the cylinder, and the bag is clamped after swinging 90 degrees; the spindle of the indexing mechanism is directly controlled by the servo motor reducer Drive, drive the bag clamping plate to rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees, the bag clamping plate swings up to reset,and the bag can be indexed by 90°, 180°, 270°.


Pre-grouping Conveyer:

Belt conveyor, which automatically marshals the bags (2+3 or 3+2).


Row Sweeper:

It pushs the bag made by the pre-grouping machine to the layering machine.


Laminating machine

The belt conveyor is driven by a motor and can be opened left and right, so that bags are stacked on the pallet.

Put the marshalled bags on the pallet of the pallet conveyor through the layering machine.


Pallet warehouse

The main function of the pallet warehouse is to automatically allocate empty pallets. The standard warehouse can store ten pallets. When a palletizing operation is completed, the current position of the full pallet will be replaced by the next empty pallet in the pallet warehouse. All operations of transferring empty pallets from the pallet library to the appropriate position of the palletizer are automatically completed.

Pallet material: plastic or wood (specific material and size are provided by the buyer)

Pallet storage capacity: 10 empty pallets


Pallet conveyor

The chain conveyor.It is connected to the pallet storage bin and  is responsible for automatically providing empty pallets to the palletizer.


Safety fences

The palletizer is equipped with safety guardrails to provide stable support and maintenance space for the palletizer.

Control System

Siemens PLC (programmable controller), Schneider variable frequency speed controller and photoelectric position detection device form the main body of the control system to realize the coordinated control of the entire palletizer. The system has fault diagnosis and display functions, and has perfect fault protection and interlocking shutdown functions. The operation panel adopts Chinese and English logo panels. All button switches are French Schneider brand, reliable performance and long service life. The entire operating system is simple to use and easy to overhaul and maintain!