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  • Fully Automatic Valve Bag Packer
  • Fully Automatic Valve Bag Packer
  • Fully Automatic Valve Bag Packer
  • Fully Automatic Valve Bag Packer
  • Fully Automatic Valve Bag Packer

Fully Automatic Valve Bag Packer

  •  Overview
    • P.V.P.E stands for Pneumatic Valve Packaging Equipment.  Initially developed 25 years ago, the design has benefited from continuous innovation, ensuring AWE offers the most advanced models yet seen in this industry.

      P.V.P.E packers are designed specifically for powder & fine granule packaging into valve bags. Our standard format machines are suitable for approximately 90% of Bulk products and the machine design can be altered to accommodate products outside this range.  AWE’s extensive experience in bulk material packing applications makes it possible to meet customer needs with a wide range of industrial packing technologies and equipment.  Using reliable, simple construction, P.V.P.E  packers are designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility to meet the growing demands of our clients.P.V.P.E configurations range from simple manual placement of valve bags through to a fully automated placement and removal system.   It is also possible to combine with further A.W.E. products and create a complete filling to palletizing line.

      Our sales team and project engineers from both China and Australia are always ready to assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.ve bag


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How It Works:

 In its most basic format the P.V.P.E packer works on differential pressure between the chamber (1) where the product is stored and the external atmosphere where the product emerges from the nozzle (2) (location of valve bag).  The aeration pad liquefies the product in the chamber, and the pressure differentials enable product to naturally flow and fill valve bags at typically 5-8 20kg bags per minute.

Main Features Include:

• Easy, contamination free clean out and changeover of new products via a submarine style rear hatch

• High accuracy via patented load cell technology

• High throughput achieved

• Easy to operate set and forget controls

• Universal and industrial components and excellent machinery construction result in long lasting, equipment of exceptional quality.

• Manufactured for compliance above and beyond Australian standards

• Pneumatic and electrical control equipment housed in a positive pressure enclosure, keeping sensitive components dust free

• Built from structural steel, giving maximum strength with minimal dimensions

• Additional second stage filling hand wheel for adjusting slow speed flow of product

• Industrial high strength anti- wearing butterfly valve specifically designed for abrasive products

Bag storage (empty bag placement machine): A standard bag storage should have the following three characteristics: 50 empty bags can be placed in each position, three usual empty bag positions, after the empty bags in the current position are used up, follow-up empty bags will be automatically sent to the suction bag position for packaging. On-site operators can re-place a stack of empty bags in the empty bag positions. During this process, there is no need to pause the production, which ensures the continuity of the production of packaging bags.


Automatic bagging manipulator: The inner valve bag is sucked up by the suction cup and opened, and then the mechanical claw puts it on the discharge tube. When the packaging machine detects that the packaging bag is in place, the machine starts filling.